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Property taxes

Your 2019 County tax dollars explained

Graphic linking to property taxes explainedYour annual tax bill issued by your local municipality (city, town or township) includes costs for services provided by Oxford County, your local municipality, and your local school board.

No matter where you live in Oxford County, the tax rate you pay for Oxford County services is the same.

In 2019, a residential home valued at $250,000 by Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) will pay about $84 a month – or $1,012 for the year – to maintain Oxford’s roads, waste facilities, emergency ambulance, social services, provincial court, municipal planning, long-term care at Woodingford Lodge, the County library system (except in Woodstock) and more.

In Oxford County, many of our residents also have water and/or wastewater services. Unlike other County services, these services do not receive revenues from property taxation and are fully funded by area-speci­fic user rates.

By the numbers

For every $250,000 of assessed property value

Residential County tax

County  $915
Court Security  $2
Library  $95 (excluding Woodstock)
Total  $1,012


How your residential property taxes are spent

Roads  $166
Woodingford Lodge  $159
Human Services  $250
Paramedic Services  $81
Library  $95
Court Security  $2
Waste Management  $60
Public Health  $9
Planning  $12
Other services  $178


Understanding the numbers

  • County Library tax is not applied in Woodstock because Woodstock Public Library is not a part of the Oxford County Library system.
  • Education tax rates are set by the Province of Ontario.
  • County court security tax for Woodstock residents is collected through City of Woodstock taxes.
  • “Other” County services include County Council, CAO’s Office, Tourism, Human Resources, Facilities, and Corporate Services (including Provincial Offences Court).

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Download the full Your 2019 County Tax Dollars Explained infographic here.

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2019 Tax by-laws

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