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November 05, 2021
Council this Week: Highlights from the November 10 County Council agenda

2022 Budget, affordable housing update and more

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2022 Business Plans and Budget

Oxford County’s proposed 2022 Budget and department business plans are before County Council on November 10. The proposed budget includes $271 million in expenditures to deliver County services, including $64.1 million in capital spending for Public Works and infrastructure projects. The budget also includes 13 new initiatives that advance the County’s strategic priorities, like community paramedicine and service improvements at the Waste Management Facility.

The general levy (amount to be collected through municipal taxes) is estimated at $66.5 million in the draft budget, with an expected percentage increase over 2021 that generally aligns with the current cost-of-living increase.

Special budget meetings for Council to deliberate the budget take place on November 17 and 24. For more information, to download the budget package, or to watch past recordings of special budget meetings, visit

CS 2021-46 – 2022 Business Plans and Budget


Affordable housing update

County Council will receive on November 10 an update on the County’s efforts to improve access to affordable housing. Highlights from the report include:

  • Housing prices: Average residential house prices in Oxford have been rising since 2012, increasing 45% over the past 18 months alone from an average price of $450,000 to $650,000 as of August 2021. With these prices, an average household would generally need a minimum annual gross income of approximately $160,000 a year to qualify for a standard 25-year mortgage. With the median household income in the County at $63,630, most households can only afford to spend $250,000 to $300,000 on a home including a typical down payment.
  • Vacancy rates: The vacancy rates for each of the urban municipalities is below 3%, and as low as 1% in Woodstock.
  • Progress: Since 2007, County Council has approved a total of 28 affordable housing projects for a total of 543 affordable units. Of that total, four projects (for a total of 94 affordable units) are in the process of being constructed.
  • Support for home ownership. Staff is considering alternatives to the Affordable Home Ownership Program, for which few families qualify under its current terms.

The report explains that while the County’s 10-Year Shelter Plan is key to setting objectives, targets and actions to address housing and homelessness, considering the local need, a more formal strategy to increase housing options should be considered. This would include a comprehensive review of all available surplus and under-utilized lands in the County and redevelopment opportunities for existing social housing properties.

Also on the agenda for November 10 is a request to allocate $1.64 million from the Social Service Relief Fund to build 18 affordable housing units at 31 Victoria Street in Tillsonburg, supplemented with $122,100 from the Canada-Ontario Community Housing Initiative. The one-bedroom senior apartments, which are being developed by Tillsonburg Non-Profit Housing Corporation, have an expected occupancy of December 2022.

CAO 2021-09: Affordable Housing Update

CAO 2021-08: Municipal Housing Facilities Agreement with Tillsonburg Non-Profit Housing Corporation


Other reports and presentations

  • Delegation: The Refuge – Robert Montgomery
  • Public Meeting for CP 2021-377: Application for Official Plan Amendment & Plan of Subdivision OP 21-11-7; SB 21-06-7 – George & Clara Ambrus
  • Public Meeting for CP 2021-378: Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision Approval SB 21-07-7 – Lindprop Corp. & Performance Communities Realty Inc.
  • Public Meeting for CP 2021-379: Applications for Official Plan Amendment & Plan of Subdivision OP 20-09-7; SB20-02-7 – 2407774 Ontario Limited
  • Public Meeting for CP 2021-380: Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 21-01-8 – City of Woodstock
  • CS 2021-43: 2022 Insurance Program
  • CS 2021-44: Closure of the Oxford Historical Society Resource Centre
  • CS 2021-45: Reserves Year End Allocations and Policy Review
  • CS 2021-48: 2022 Oxford County Library Business Plan and Budget
  • CS 2021-49: 2022 Court Security Grant Levy


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