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January 27, 2021
Council this Week - Highlights from the Jan 27 County Council agenda

Development charges, SCADA project and more

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Update to County’s development charges

Following a series of amendments to the Development Charges Act last year, Oxford County is updating its development charges and the supporting background study carried out by Watson & Associates. The legislative changes leading to the updates include:

  • Exemptions for intensification of housing, a move that supports the Province’s commitment to increasing housing supply;
  • Library, land ambulance, waste diversion services and growth-related studies are now fully funded by growth (development charges), meaning that municipalities will no longer be required to fund 10% of these costs; and
  • Installment payments for rental housing, institutional and non-profit housing developments.

A public meeting on the proposed updated development charges will take place as part of the Wednesday, February 24 evening Council meeting at 7:00 p.m. The community can learn more or submit comments before then on Speak Up, Oxford! at

Read CS 2021-05 - Development Charges Study and Update - 2021


Consulting services award for SCADA project

County Council will be asked on January 27 to approve an engineering consulting contract for the next phase of the County’s 10-year SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Master Plan. The plan will enhance the County’s water and wastewater SCADA systems by replacing and standardizing aging and obsolete hardware and software SCADA systems; allowing for the inter-connection of remote water/wastewater sites (to reduce staff travel time and manual operator intervention); improving cyber security; and facilitating more advanced data collection, storage and reporting.

Hatch Ltd. was recommended for the $1.8 million contract to implement five key SCADA asset management and governance projects, as well as to provide project management support County staff with the standardized implementation of future SCADA upgrade projects in 19 County water and wastewater systems, serving to increase their overall reliability and performance.

Read PW 2021-02 - Consultant Service Award - SCADA Master Plan Project Implementation


Other reports and presentations

  • CS 2021-04 – COVID-19 Financial Update – January 2021
  • CS 2021-06 – OILC Financing Application – Zorra


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