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Official Plan

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Severing a property/ Land severances

land severance

A land severance is the authorized separation of a piece of land to form a new lot or a new parcel of land. This is commonly known as a consent. It is required, if you want to sell, mortgage, charge or enter into any agreement (at least 21 years) for a portion of your land. If the two parts are split already, by a road or railway for example, consent may not be needed.

Oxford County’s Official Plan has specific policies and requirements for land severance. In addition to the division of land, rights-of-way, easements and any change (exceeding 21 years) to your existing property, boundaries also require land severance approval.

If you wish to sever your property, an application for Consent or Consent and Minor Variance (on-line form) must be submitted to the Land Division Committee for the County of Oxford. When reviewing severance applications, Planning staff visit the sites and prepare reports on the planning acceptability of these applications. The Land Division Committee then approves or denies the application at a public hearing and may attach various conditions to an approval.

For general information on the severance process, you can also visit: MMAH Land Use Planning: Land Severances

Land Division Committee

Applications for consent or consent and minor variance are received and processed by the County Land Division Committee for proposals which involve the severance or division of property within the County. The Committee is comprised of seven lay members.

The Land Division Committee of Oxford County Council normally meets once a month on the first Thursday of the month in the Council Chambers of the County Administration Building and are open to the public. If you wish to attend a meeting, please reference the current agenda for the start time of the meeting.

Agendas, minutes and reports for Land Division Committee Meetings can be found below. If you wish to view the conditions and reasons of a particular decision on an application, please see the minutes of the appropriate meeting. If you wish to receive a copy of the decision, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer of the Land Division Committee.

Committee Members:

Gordon Brumby
Russell Jull
John Lessif
Dianne Paron
Peter Rigby
Arend Tenhove
Coenraad Van Haastert


Contact the Committee:

Phone: (519) 539-9800 ext. 3204
Fax: (519) 421-4712


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