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June 15, 2018
Draft Zero Poverty Plan

Seven months after Council's motion, the Draft Zero Poverty Plan provides a roadmap to eliminate poverty in Oxford

Endorsed by County Council at the June 13, 2018 Council meeting, the Draft Zero Poverty Plan report takes action on an earlier November 22, 2017 declaration by Council to eliminate poverty through leadership, innovation, and the transformation of relationships, with an intended outcome of “improved health and well-being for all residents and enhanced community prosperity.”

The Draft Zero Poverty Plan lays out a roadmap to the elimination of poverty in Oxford County, as opposed to simply alleviating the hardships of living in poverty. The plan notes that good intentions and government support alone will not sustain a long-term commitment to zero poverty, and that the plan will require the cooperation and commitment of multiple stakeholders, the efforts of all levels of governments, and the citizens of Oxford County.

Eliminating poverty in Oxford County is a long-term vision that supports the Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan. The plan’s development was guided by the Zero Poverty Oxford Action Committee, which includes representatives from Operation Sharing, Social Planning Council Oxford, United Way Oxford, Oxford County Community Health Centre, CMHA Oxford, CES Oxford, Oxford Workforce DevelopmentPartnership, Thames Valley District School Board, Legal Aid Ontario, Southwestern Public Health and more.

To support the plan's continued development and implementation, residents and stakeholders are encouraged to provide their feedback and submit comments.  

Read the news release, "Oxford County releases Draft Zero Poverty Plan" (June 15, 2018)

Read  Council report CAO 2018-14–Leading Oxford County to a Zero Poverty Future (June 13, 2018)


Read the Draft Zero Poverty Plan

Download the full Draft Zero Poverty Plan or read by section: 

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Activate Local Resource Potential
Chapter 2: Develop the Zero Poverty Blueprint
Chapter 3: Formalize Aims and Functions
Chapter 4: Promote Transformation
Chapter 5: Increase and Integrate Strategies Across Sectors
Chapter 6: Identify Financial Resources
Chapter 7: Support Inclusion
Chapter 8: Nurture Vertical and Horizontal Cooperation and Integration
Chapter 9: Promote Knowledge Generation and Capacity Building
Chapter 10: Engage in Networks

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Lisa Lanthier 
Manager, Human Services

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