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Asset Management Plan

The state of the County’s infrastructure can be an economic development driver and is a determinant in the quality of life of our communities.

Oxford County's Asset Management Plan supports the County’s Strategic Plan as well as the Official Plan as it relates to "strategically growing our economy and our community." The plan sets out a strategic framework to guide future investment that supports economic growth and responds to changing social, economic and environmental needs.

Also complementing the County’s Long-Term Financial Sustainability Plan, the Asset Management Plan forms a strong foundation for sound asset management financial planning well into the future.

Asset Management Plan

Released October 2017

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Report sections

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary

2.0 Introduction

3.0 State of County Infastructure

4.0 Expected Levels of Service

5.0 Asset Management Strategy

6.0 Financing Strategy

Appendix A - Infrastructure Report Card - Road Network

Appendix B - Infrastructure Report Card – Bridges and Culverts

Appendix C - Infrastructure Report Card – Water Systems

Appendix D - Infrastructure Report Card – Wastewater Systems

Appendix E - Infrastructure Report Card – Social Housing and Corporate Facilities

Appendix F - Infrastructure Report Card – Fleet and Major Equipment

Appendix G - Glossary of Terms

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