Your Government Council Warden's office

Warden Mayberry welcomes you

Welcome to Oxford County, the Dairy Capital of Canada.

On behalf of the County Council and staff, I invite you to explore all that is Oxford County.

For more than 200 years, people have worked and prospered here in Oxford County. The richness of our agriculture has created a solid foundation on which successive generations have built a diverse and durable County economy. Today, Oxford enjoys not only a sense of success, but also a spirit of creativity and innovation. The prosperity of the past naturally leads to an ability and desire to challenge the future.

The strengths of the eight municipalities that form Oxford predicate our success. From our progressive farm practices to an innovative industry, and from our creative artisans to a well educated work force, Oxford is well positioned for today and tomorrow.

Oxford’s greatest strength is its people and the sense of belonging gives rise to a strong community spirit. Celebrating our communities through festivals and other events promotes a deeper understanding and appreciation of our past and our place. While Oxford boasts large world class industry, it has retained its sense of small town community.

Oxford looks forward to our future because we are “growing stronger together”!

Best wishes,

David Mayberry

Oxford County Warden