Smoking Enforcement & Regulation

Enforcement & Regulation

Tobacco legislation restricts smoking in certain areas and oversees the promotion and sale of tobacco products.

In addition to the provincial tobacco legislation, Oxford County has developed our own polices to promote a Smoke-Free Ontario.

Learn more about how the tobacco legislation and Oxford County policies impact you as a resident, business owner and worker.

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Apartment Buildings/Condos

Smoking is prohibited in common areas of condominiums, apartment buildings and college and university residences. Examples include: elevators, stairwells, hallways, parking garages, laundry facilities, lobbies, exercise areas, and entertainment rooms.

There is no smoke-free perimeter requirement outside entrance/exits for apartment buildings, but property management corporations or landlords can implement a policy that requires a perimeter. If someone is breaking the law in your apartment or condominium please contact us at: 519-421-9901 or 1-800-922-0096 x 3496 or email us.

Public Places

 The Smoke-Free Ontario Act prohibits smoking in all enclosed public places and
enclosed workplaces as of May 31, 2006, including:

  • Indoor work areas
  • Work vehicles
  • Entertainment venues
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Arenas
  • Slots
  • Bingo halls
  • Common areas of condominiums and apartment buildings
  • Indoor smoking rooms
  • Patios with a roof
  • Enclosed smoking shelters

Smoking and the Workplace

 As of May 31, 2006, all enclosed public places and enclosed workplaces are 100% smoke-free as outlined in the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

This important legislation protects workers and the public from the dangers of second-hand smoke by banning smoking in all enclosed workplaces and indoor public places in Ontario.

Under the Act, every employer must:

  • Notify employees that smoking is not allowed

  • Post signs at all entrance/exits, washrooms, and other appropriate places

  • Remove all ashtrays and cigarette receptacles

  • Ensure employees who do not comply leave the enclosed workplace

 Municipal By-Laws

 On September 1, 2008, the City of Woodstock was the first in the region to adopt a Smoke-Free Workplaces and Public Places By-Law to include the following:

  • 15 metre setback from any active recreation field in a municipal public park (i.e. baseball diamond, soccer pitch)
  • 9 metre setback from any entrance to a municipal facility
  • On any downtown sidewalk cafĂ©
  • 4 metre setback from any bus stop or bus shelter

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