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About Oxford County’s Waste Management Program

Oxford County manages a leading Waste Management program, consistently reaching top rankings for waste diversion in its class among Ontario municipalities. Through careful planning and an active diversion strategy, the County has extended the life of the landfill at the Oxford County Waste Management Facility to at least 2044.

Key facts

  • About 67,000 tonnes of material was received at the Waste Management Facility (landfill) in 2014.
  • Just over 20,000 tonnes of material received at the Waste Management Facility was diverted from landfill in 2014.
  • Additionally, 6,900 tonnes of residential blue box material was collected and diverted from landfill in 2014.
  • In 2014 the County’s residential diversion rate was about 59%.
Waste Management Facility (landfill)

Understanding funding for waste management

All waste management programs across Oxford are funded by the County of Oxford. The program manages curbside garbage and recycling collection in all eight of the Municipalities in Oxford County.

In South-West Oxford and Woodstock, the Municipalities recover their waste management costs from Oxford County through an agreement that allows them to set their own service standards.

Bag tags are in place in all eight of Oxford County’s area Municipalities to offset the cost of garbage and large article collection and disposal. Bags tags fund part of these programs, with the remainder of costs funded from the County tax levy, which is the County portion of municipal taxes paid by all property owners.

Landfill services at the Oxford County Waste Management Facility in Salford are funded through tipping fees.

Recycling collection and processing and all other waste diversion activities are not covered by the bag tag program but are funded through a combination of the County tax levy, Provincial funding and material revenue sales.


Waste Management Budget and Business Plan


Oxford County operates a high-performing Waste Management program. The 2014 Waste Management Strategy sets a strong course of action to ensure better performance, improved customer satisfaction, less environmental impact, and greater cost effectiveness.

In 2013 Oxford County ranked 9th out of 226 municipalities and placed 2nd in its class for waste diversion in Ontario.