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Green Cone system check-in
5/2/2016 9:12:56 AM

Rob Walton, Director of Public Works, explains how the Green Cone is working for him. 

After a few months of using his Green Cone, Rob Walton, Director of Public Works explainsGreen Cone how the system is working on his property. 

Rob says that the Green Cone has plenty of room for the food scraps created by his two-person household. He also uses a traditional composter, which helps to ensure that he doesn't overfill his Green Cone. He explains how easy the system is to use, and how little mess and smell it creates. 

“The under-the-sink pail that comes with the Green Cone works great. It's dishwasher-friendly and cleans up very well,” says Rob. "So far, I haven’t noticed any issues with the smell, like you sometimes do with a traditional system."

Rob is currently using the Green Cone for meat scraps (the ones he doesn't feed to his dog), bones, small amounts of grease and half of his vegetable scraps (he uses the other half for the traditional composter in his garden). 

Animals cannot access the Green Cone. Rob says that he has seen a small amount of skunk activity in the loose dirt around the cone from the installation but no different than other parts of his lawn. Skunks shouldn't be an issue unless they are startled, and they do you a favour by eating grubs! 

Visit us at the Oxford County Administration Building to purchase your green cone for $40. 
For more information about composting and recycling, visit us online at

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