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Oxford County Road Closures and Lane Restrictions

Oxford County’s roads map displays the most recent road notifications to help you plan ahead. Road closures, lane restrictions and other notices are indicated on the map to help you see where there may be travel delays and find an alternative route.

Please note: this map does not include all of the area municipality (city/town/township) projects taking place in the County.


Oxford County Roads

The Oxford County roads department works to provide a safe and efficient road network for the movement of people and products within and outside the County.

Activities include:

  • Pot hole repair, crack sealing, shoulder care, guiderail and washout repairs to ensure Oxford County’s roadways are well maintained.
  • Installing signage, street lighting, traffic signals and pavement markings to keep everyone on track.
  • During the winter, installing snow fencing, plowing, salting, sanding and other maintenance keeps the roads as safe as possible.
  • Following the winter season, bridge and culvert maintenance, road sweeping and other maintenance ensures the infrastructure remains in good working condition.
  • Other activities include roadside mowing and weed spraying, dead animal pickup, tree trimming and more.

Driving through construction

Construction season is here!

Workers are out repairing and improving our roadways and need your cooperation to ensure they make it home safely to their families each day.

Drivers are asked to follow these steps to make our roadways safe for everyone this season:

  • Slow down in construction zones – drive at the posted reduced speed limit
  • Don’t text or look down at your phone – pay attention
  • Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle infront of you – sudden stops are common in construction zones
  • Obey road closure signs and follow posted detour routes
  • Road closures are applicable to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Obey the signs and flag persons
  • Refrain from encroaching onto municipal road allowances
  • Refrain from tracking mud onto the roads

More information on safe driving can be found on the Ontario Ministry of Transportation's website.