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November 08, 2017
Council this Week: Highlights from Nov 8 Council agenda and budget meeting

Greenhouse gas challenge for municipalities, 2018 Business Plan & Budget

County Council meeting agenda

Greenhouse gas reduction challenge

County Council will be asked to approve the County’s participation in Ontario’s Municipal Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Challenge fund next Council meeting. The Challenge, which is part of the provincial Climate Change Action Plan, awards up to $10 million per municipal project that reduces GHG emissions. As a precursor to its submission, County staff has developed a community-wide GHG emissions inventory, GHG reduction targets, and a reduction strategy for the County, and is also recommending the County adopt the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) Protocol as a standard for greenhouse gas accountability. A total of eight applications for various County and area municipal projects are being submitted to the GHG Challenge.

Read Council report CAO 2017-15 - Ontario’s Municipal Greenhouse Gas Challenge Fund


Other reports and presentations

Public Meeting – James Mabee OP17-10-3

Delegation – Randy Peltz, Oxford County Community Health Centre

Delegation – Randy Peltz, Oxford County Homelessness Prevention Pilot

Delegation – Randy Peltz, Future Oxford

CP 2017-316 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP17-10-3 – James Mabee

CP 2017-323 – Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision SB 17-04-4: Eldon View Holdings

CP 2007-324 – Proposed Boundary Adjustment Township of Norwich and City of Woodstock

PW 2017-61 – Watermain replacement 11th Line to Tecumseh Street, Woodstock

CS 2017-34 – Business Plan and Budget Review – Q3


Special 2018 Business Plan & Budget meeting

The first of two Oxford County Council budget meetings begins Wednesday, November 8 in the Oxford County Administration Building following the regular Council meeting starting at 9:30 a.m. All budget meetings are open to the public.

The 2018 Draft Business Plan & Budget puts forward a total budget of $229.7 million for 2018, a 0.7% ($1.6 million) decrease over 2017 due to reductions in capital spending and department budgets. The levy, or amount raised through taxation, is proposed at $57.0 million for general purposes, which marks a 3.4% ($1.9 million) increase over 2017. For Oxford County Library, the proposed levy is $3.6 million, a 0% increase over 2017.

The proposed budget includes $60.8 million in capital spending, a 17.1% ($12.6 million) decrease over 2017.

To review budget documents, presentations to Council, and department business plans and budgets, visit the special budget website at

Read Council report CS 2017-35 – 2018 Business Plan and Budget


Budget information package

The 2018 Draft Business Plan & Budget package contains each department’s business plans and budget in addition to:

  • An executive summary describing key points in the draft budget
  • A summary of new initiatives
  • Five-year operating forecasts
  • Five-year reserve continuity report
  • Long-term capital plan

The budget package is available online at

Tax assessment

The upcoming 2018 budget year is the second year of a Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) four-year reassessment cycle. More information about assessment growth will be presented in a report at the special budget meeting on December 5, 2017.

New initiatives

To advance the directives of Council in support of the County’s Strategic Plan, the 2018 preliminary budget includes $3.7 million in new initiatives, including:

  • An expanded organics program at the Oxford County Administration Building to continue to move the facility to zero waste by 2025 ($5,000)
  • A pilot program to recycle the more than 800,000 nitrile/latex gloves used annually at the County’s health facilities ($45,000)
  • Security measures for County-owned social housing units to respond to an increase in police-reported assaults ($80,000)
  • Opioid harm reduction program, including naloxone kit distribution and early warning surveillance ($150,000 ministry funding, resulting in a $67,375 decrease in levy by reallocating internal resources)
  • Case management and process automation software to be jointly used by the County and area municipalities for tracking and monitoring several municipal services, including planning applications, building permitting and inspections, and licensing, to name a few ($312,500 one time and $127,500 annually)
  • A new assessment management coordinator position to support the County and area municipalities in meeting demands created by new Assessment Review Board legislation and to maintain a fair and equitable assessment base for tax purposes ($112,442)
  • A five year plan for in-house mental health training for Woodingford Lodge staff to meet the needs of new residents, 90.9% of whom have cognitive impairments and 81.7% of whom have an identified form of dementia ($36,694 in on-going staff training related costs and $4,000 one-time)
  • A vehicle and yard containers to better handle and transport biosolids from the wastewater treatment plant sites to biosolids centralized storage ($350,000 one-time with $19,121 expected in annual savings)

Community grants

The following community groups and agencies have requested grants to be included in the 2018 Budget:

Agricultural Award of Excellence


Economic Development - Oxford Connections


Physician Recruitment


Tillsonburg Airport


South Central Ontario Region Action Plan (SCOR)


Oxford Creative Connections


Social Planning Council


Oxford Workforce Planning Partnership


Youth initiatives


Woodstock & Area Small Business Enterprise Centre


Oxford County Plowmen’s Association


Special budget meeting schedule

Budget meetings are open to the public. They take place:

Regular Council Meeting

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Following regular 9:30 a.m. Council meeting

Special Council Meeting

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

2:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Regular Council Meeting

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

9:30 a.m.

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