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June 28, 2017
Council this Week: Highlights from the June 28th County Council agenda

Vacant unit rebate, options for Warden election, new net-zero waste management admin building and more

Vacant unit rebate policy

County Council will be asked to approve a by-law on June 28 that phases out the existing tax rebate for vacant commercial and industrial units, while reducing tax rates by 30% for commercial and 35% for industrial vacant or excess lands respectively. In designing the policy, Oxford County and area municipal staff sought input from the business community on the proposed changes. The policy is intended to encourage active use of vacant properties, resulting in more vibrant and sustainable communities.

Read Council report CS 2017-18 – Vacant Unit Rebate and Tax Rate Reductions Policy

Oxford County Waste Management Administration Building construction contract

A $1.8 million contract to build the new Oxford County Waste Management Administration Building and implement a net metering project at the site is before County Council on June 28. The new administration building is being designed as a net-zero energy facility that uses an energy efficient building envelope and solar photovoltaic panels to completely offset the energy use of the building. The project will generate enough solar energy to offset the remainder of the landfill site’s electricity requirements, making the entire site net-zero energy. The contract is being awarded to Gateman-Milloy Inc.

Read Council report PW 2017-35 - Oxford County Waste Management Administration Building Construction Contract

Options for head of Council

An update on the process to elect a County Warden, including timelines, is before Council at its next meeting on June 28. Council has been considering the option of electing a Warden or altering the length of the Warden's term since the fall of 2016, with the most recent update provided at the March 8 County Council meeting (Report CAO 2017-04).

Read Council report CAO 2017-07 – Head of Council (Warden) Selection and Term Update

Other reports and presentations

  • Delegation – Hickson Trail Committee: Presentation by Ross Campbell
  • Delegation – Tillsonburg Development Committee: Presentation by Deb Gilvesy and Jessee Goossens regarding 2017 Vacant Unit Rebate Policy By-law
  • Delegation – E&E McLaughlin Ltd.: Kassandra Way regarding 2017 Vacant Unit Rebate Policy By-law
  • Delegation - Tillsonburg Chamber of Commerce: John Bamford regarding 2017 Vacant Unit Rebate Policy By-law
  • CS 2017-17 – 2018 Draft Budget Schedule and Public Engagement Campaign-Amended
  • CS 2017-19 – Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (Ontario) – Transfer Payment Agreement
  • PHES 2017-06 – Paramedic Services 10-Year Master Plan
  • CP 2017-174 – Application for Draft Plan of Condominium and Exemption from Draft Plan Approval CD 17-04-2: 2274581 Ontario Inc.
  • HS 2017-04 – Municipal Housing Facilities Agreements

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