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October 21, 2016
Council This Week: Highlights from the October 26 County Council Agenda
Future Oxford Legacy Fund, proposed water/wastewater rates for 2017-2020 and more.

Future Oxford Legacy Fund

The Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan will take a key step forward on October 26 when Council considers a new fund that will “seed” sustainability projects. The Future Oxford Legacy Fund will allow partners the ability to access funds to further program initiatives and achieve goals and targets in the community identified by the Plan. The Fund is a partnership between Oxford County, Future Oxford Partnership, and Oxford Small Business Support Centre.

Read Council Report CS 2016-30

Proposed water/wastewater rates for 2017-2020

Oxford County Public Works will present proposed water and wastewater rates for 2017 – 2020 for all municipal systems in Oxford County. The County provides water services to 21 communities, 11 of those also have municipal wastewater services. All of the wastewater systems and the three urban water systems are maintained as independent financial systems. The township water systems are grouped into one financial system to achieve economy of scale.

A full breakdown of the proposed water and wastewater rates by system, along with year over year changes for the typical annual user are available in Council report PW 2016-58.

Read Council Report PW 2016-58

Other reports and presentations

PW 2016-59 – Abandoned Railway Corridors – Declaration of Surplus Lands/Work Plan
for Fencing and Access Control

PW 2016-60 – Clean Water and Wastewater Fund Application

Delegation – Future Oxford Partnership budget

Delegation – Physician recruitment delegation

Delegation – Woodstock Collegiate Institute

Presentation – Future Oxford Legacy Fund presentation

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