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October 07, 2016
Council this Week: Highlights from the October 12 County Council agenda
Shared Court Security Funding Model, Oxford County's credit rating, Ministry proposed Net Metering changes and more

Shared Court Security Funding Model

Oxford County Council is being asked to approve the implementation of the proposed Shared Court Security Funding Model beginning in 2017.

The proposed new funding model is intended to distribute Oxford County Provincial Courthouse related court security and prisoner transportation costs on a fair and equitable basis while addressing inequities that result from a two-tier municipal government structure.

The report also seeks Council to recommend to Woodstock Police Services that discretionary representation from each of the area municipalities on a Local Court Security Committee be sought to ensure efficient use of resources, and to advocate for increased funding from the Province to secure a sustainable, fair and equitable funding model for Oxford County.
Read Council Report CS 2016-25

Oxford County’s AA+ credit rating affirmed

County Council will receive a report that highlights Oxford County’s AA+ credit rating and stable outlook from Standard & Poor’s.

The rating affirmation and stable outlook was based on the County’s very strong budgetary performance, strong economy, exceptional liquidity and low debt burden. Other contributing factors include the County’s investment and purchasing policies, the Long Term Financial Sustainability Plan, Asset Management Plan and the recently adopted Community Sustainability Plan.

The AA+ rating with a stable outlook positions the County well for borrowing and lending opportunities, in addition to the opportunity for revenue generation through higher yield investments that are not permitted to municipalities with ratings less than AA-.
Read Council Report CS 2016-27

Oxford County comments on proposed Net Metering changes

As a community committed to 100% renewable energy by 2050, net-metering must be considered an important tool for Oxford County as we take steps towards achieving our goal.

The County has reviewed the Ministry of Energy’s proposed changes to Net Metering and asks that Council endorse the comments which outline support and refinement suggestions to key areas proposed for change by the Ministry including account billing, eligibility and agreements.

The County supports a future net-metering program that would allow Oxford County to generate renewable energy based electricity anywhere in Oxford and receive appropriate value to off-set our electricity use at other facilities across the county. Adoption of the report would be a clear indication to the Province that Oxford County is diligent in its efforts to achieve 100% Renewable Energy by 2050, recognizing the significance of regulatory reform that will aid in our quest.
Read Council Report CAO 2016-16

A Contribution Funding Agreement could support critical infrastructure

County Council is being asked to authorize the endorsement of an Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) – Formula-Based funding contribution agreement for years 2017-2019 inclusive. Securing a Contribution Funding Agreement for the OCIF program would allow the County to potentially receive $4,485,305 to assist with critical infrastructure needs.

Eligible projects include capital projects and capital maintenance for renewal, rehabilitation and replacement of core infrastructure assets like roads, bridges and culverts, water and wastewater treatment and storm sewer systems.
Read Council Report CS 2016-29

Other reports and presentations

Delegation: Oxford Workforce Development Partnership

CASPO 2016-246 – A Draft Wetland Conservation Strategy for Ontario 2016-2030

CS 2016-26 – Fees and Charges By-law Update

CS 2016-28 – Long-Term Debt Financing – East Zorra-Tavistock

PW 2016-57 – Woodingford Lodge Ingersoll and Tillsonburg - Flooring Update

PW 2016-56 – Encroachment Agreement – 99 Main Street West (county Road 18), Norwich

WDN 2016-01 – 2015-2016 Annual Review of Chief Administrative Officer

HR 2016-03 – Flexible Work Arrangements Policy and Program

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