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September 09, 2016
Council this Week: Highlights from the Sept 14 County Council agenda

Woodlands conservation, large article collection, reserve policy, procedure by-law and more

Public consultation for updated Woodlands Conservation By-law

A report seeking to start public consultation on proposed changes to the County’s Woodlands Conservation By-law goes forward to Council next week. As with the County’s current by-law, enacted in 2004, the new by-law will support responsible forestry management practices and environmental stewardship of woodland areas. Some of the changes being considered under the new by-law include a clearer definition of what constitutes a “woodland,” additional opportunities for exemption from the by-law, and emphasizing a “Good Forestry Practices” approach to tree harvesting.

Read Council Report CASPO 2016-182


Oxford County Large Article Collection audit

In response to a request from County Council last spring, Public Works is reporting on an audit of its large article collection program. The audit quantified the types of materials collected. Staff has reviewed the materials collected and considered how some materials could be disassembled into recyclable components and diverted from the landfill. With about 7% of that material potentially suitable for recycling, and the costs to separate and sort large articles estimated to be $180,000 annually plus capital costs, the report recommends continuing the large article program as launched in 2015, but with more education and enforced practices around what is and isn’t suitable for pick-up.

Read Council Report PW 2016-48


Routine updates to Procedure By-Law

Oxford County is bringing forward proposed amendments to its Procedure By-law at the September 14 meeting. Changes being considered relate to how amending motions are tabled during the annual business plans and budgets process; the Chair’s discretion in restating motions already read aloud; section changes under reasons for closing a meeting to the public; and changes on providing information about the purpose of Council workshops and information sessions.

Read Council Report CAO 2016-12


Reserve policy amendments

Each year the County Treasurer reports to Council on the use of, and contributions to reserves, while also conducting an annual review of the reserve policy to make sure it is meeting the County’s objectives under the Long Term Financial Sustainability Plan. As part of this year’s review, at the request of Council, the Reserve policy’s alignment with the Asset Management Plan was also considered. The report recommends some realignment of reserves to allow the County to continue to meet its future demands while reasonably distributing costs across current and future generations.

Read Council Report CS 2016-24


Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting: By-law: Closure of parts of Oxford Road 15 Road Allowance in Eastwood, Township of Norwich (September 14, 2016 at 9:30 a.m.)
  • PW 2016-47 – Kerry Canada Inc. Wastewater Over-Strength Agreement
  • PW 2016-49 - Oxford Road 8-Speed Zone Modification

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