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August 05, 2016
Council this Week: Highlights from the August 10 County Council agenda
Aggregate resource policies, court security funding, service delivery review, natural heritage, a sustainability cluster in Courthouse Square and more

Aggregate Resource Policy Review update

Oxford County Council will receive an update next week on the Aggregate Resource Policy Review that was initiated in the spring of 2015 by the Township of Zorra and Community & Strategic Planning. The review is looking at the social, environmental and economic impacts of new or expanded aggregate operations, as well as planning to protect aggregate resources for long-term use. The report coming forward on August 10 outlines the issues that have been identified through consultation and review to date that will inform the development of policy amendments. These issues include a requirement for greater consultation among all stakeholders; more fulsome evaluation of the community, economic and environmental impacts of aggregate activity; and provisions that protect land use and emphasize rehabilitation.

Read Council Report CASPO 2016-194


Oxford Natural Heritage Systems Study

The Oxford Natural Heritage Systems Study has been updated with new mapping and scientific information to inform the County’s efforts to protect and improve our natural heritage system, including working toward achieving a number of the environmental goals set out in the Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan. The report recommends a range of options to assist the County in maintaining and, where possible, increasing its current natural vegetation cover of 16.6%.  Next steps identified in the report point to updating the County’s Official Plan natural heritage policies and Woodland Conservation By-Law.

Read Council Report CASPO 2016-199


Shared Court Security Funding

County Council will receive an update next week on a request from the Woodstock Police Services Board for help offsetting the rising costs of court security and prisoner transportation at the Oxford County Provincial Courthouse. Along with a summary of staff research into the issue, the Council report supports the establishment of a local court security committee, and also supporting Woodstock Police Service in advocating for appropriate provincial funding to meet court security legislated responsibilities.

Read Council Report CS 2016-23


Services That Work – Wave 3 Findings and Final Report

The third and final report of the “Services That Work” service delivery review will be before Council on August 10. The report focuses on 18 opportunities to improve service delivered by the CAO/Clerk’s Office, Corporate Services, Human Resources, and Public Works. Started in 2014, Services That Work is a Strategic Plan initiative to support the County in delivering services in a way that is efficient, effective, and positively impacts the community.

Read Council Report CAO 2016-09


Routine updates to Procedure By-Law

The August 10 County Council agenda includes public notice that the County will bring forward proposed amendments to its Procedure By-law at the September 14 meeting. Proposed amendments include an update to the manner in which amending motions are managed during the annual business plan and budget process; allowing the Chair discretion not to repeat motions already read aloud by the mover; a modification to the procedure for closed session reports; and setting out boundaries for special workshops and information sessions for Council.

Read Council Report CAO 2016-10


Oxford Sustainability Cluster in Courthouse Square

County Council is being asked to support the concept of an “Oxford Sustainability Cluster,” a hub for research, education and innovation across the sustainability pillars of the Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan: economy, community and environment. Potential partners include the Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium, focusing on electric transportation; York University’s Sustainable Energy Initiative; and existing agricultural, social and entrepreneurial partners in the community. The report proposes that the currently vacant County buildings at 75 Graham and 92 Light Streets (Courthouse Square) in Woodstock be developed for use as a facilities “anchor” for the Oxford Sustainability Cluster.

Read Council Report CAO 2016-11



Other reports and presentations

  • CASPO 2016-197 - Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 16-02-6 – Town of Ingersoll
  • CASPO 2016-191 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 16-03-8 – Faithway Baptist Church
  • HR 2016-02 – Non-Union Job Evaluation and Salary Administration Policy Amendments
  • CS 2016-21 – Business Plan and Budget Review – 2nd Quarter
  • CS 2016-22 - East Woodstock Sanitary Sewer and Watermain Extension Project and Various Other Servicing Projects - Internal Long-term Debt Issue
  • PW 2016-46 - Oxford Road 8 Traffic Calming, Plattsville
  • PW 2016-45 - Phase C Construction - Part of Oxford Road 20 (North St.) in Tillsonburg
  • Delegation - Rick Eus: Draft County Forests and County Lands Regulated Use By-Law



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