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March 25, 2015
Public Works reports to community
Water and wastewater systems prove safe and reliable, while waste diversion reaches a new high in Oxford County.

Oxford County residents can rest assured, the safety of drinking water and treatment of wastewater are in capable hands. Meanwhile, residents and businesses have contributed to a significant increase in waste diversion, helping to create a more sustainable Oxford County.


These are some of the highlights of Oxford County Public Works annual reports for 2014, which were approved by Oxford County Council in February and March, 2015.


The reports outline all of the successes and a few challenges faced by Oxford County Public Works in 2014. Links to the full reports can be found online. Here is a summary of the reports:


            Drinking Water


Oxford County monitors drinking water quality around the clock, 24/7 to ensure it is free of contaminants. In 2014, Public Works treated and supplied 11.8 million cubic metres of drinking water. Ten of the County’s 17 drinking water systems received inspection ratings of 100%, while seven systems received ratings at 95% or above. Out of 4,078 bacteriological samples collected, just 0.2% required further testing. Retesting for these samples was clear.



Oxford County owns and operates nine wastewater treatment plants, and eleven wastewater collection systems, serving over 70,000 residents along with local businesses and industries. Seven of the County’s wastewater treatment plants achieved 100% compliance with their Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) effluent discharge criteria in 2014.

The County’s 11 sewage collection systems reported six incidents last year: three related to power outages; one failure of standby generator during a test; one overflow incident during heavy rainfall; and a sewer force main leak due to a faulty air release valve.


All incidents have been reviewed, and measures have been implemented to minimize risk of repeat incidents.

Waste Management


Oxford County manages curbside garbage and recycling for six municipalities in the County and contracts these services with the City of Woodstock and Township of South-West Oxford.

In 2014, nearly 67,000 tonnes of material was received at the Oxford County Waste Management Facility. The residential portion of the total tonnage was 41,691 tonnes with 20,121 tonnes diverted an expected 58% diversion rate. That would once again place Oxford County amongst the leading communities for waste diversion in all of Ontario. The final diversion rate is not expected to be confirmed until November 2015 by Waste Diversion Ontario.

With new programs under the Waste Management Strategy being rolled out in 2015, the County expects to see further improvements to the level of service and diversion rate.




Rob Walton, Director, Public Works
“We are very proud of our track record of providing safe drinking water and wastewater treatment to Oxford County, and 2014 was no different. For waste management we continue to improve our diversion numbers and looking forward to 2015, the County is implementing changes from the Waste Management Strategy that will be better for the environment, improve service levels and reduce costs.

Pam Antonio, Waste Management Coordinator

“We are expecting Oxford County’s waste diversion rate to come in at 58%, which is remarkable considering we were already amongst the leaders in the province at 55% in 2013. That’s a credit to all Oxford County residents and businesses that are making the effort to increase their recycling. Those small actions each day are making for a more sustainable future, and increasing the lifespan of our landfill.”




Quick Facts

  • Annual water system summary reports are a requirement of Ontario's Safe Drinking Water act.
  • Annual wastewater treatment and collection systems, along with the biosolids annual report are submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) to fulfill requirements of the Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA).
  • The Waste Management reports are submitted to the MOECC to fulfill regulatory reporting requirements of the Oxford County Waste Management Facility and Operations.
  • Since 2006, garbage tonnage to the landfill has decreased by 50,000 tonnes.




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