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January 18, 2021
COVID-19 Media update: Oxford County Library will offer curbside pickup services during stay-at-home order

Oxford County Library will offer curbside pickup services during stay-at-home order

After review of the provincial government’s Stay-at-Home Order and further thoughtful consideration, the Oxford County Library will offer curbside pickup at all 14 branches during the lockdown with delivery right to patron vehicles, if preferred. All appropriate health and safety protocols will be in place and strictly followed to protect staff and patrons.

In allowing libraries to continue to offer curbside service, the government is acknowledging the importance of libraries in supporting the mental well-being of residents as they continue to cope with the pandemic.

While the Oxford County Library is pleased to be able to continue to offer services to residents during the stay-at-home order, the Library encourages patrons to plan their trip to the library with a time when they will already be out running essential errands, and discourages unnecessary trips.

To help reduce trips to the library, patrons are encouraged to stock up on reading material, borrowing enough at once to minimize visits. The Library is happy to help select items for patrons, and make book recommendations based on reading interests. Simply email with any questions about this service.

Library patrons are reminded not to visit the library unless they have been contacted by a staff member or by phone or e-mail telling them that their holds are ready for pickup.

For questions about library accounts, email

For COVID-19 updates for all Oxford County services, visit

COVID-19: Oxford County follows guidance from Southwestern Public Health and the Government of Ontario. See updates on our programs and services at