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December 09, 2020
Highlights from the December 9 County Council agenda

2021 Business Plan & Budget, election of the deputy warden, provincial changes to blue box programs, virtual net metering and more

2021 Business Plans and Budget

The 2021 Business Plan and Budget is before Council for discussion and approval on December 9. If approved, the total budget of $271 million will result in a General tax levy (County share of property taxes) of $64.1 million, a 2.0% increase over 2020. This means the homeowner of an average residential property valued at $271,277 would pay $1 more in property tax for County purposes, $924 for the year, barring any changes to tax policy.

The draft 2021 budget includes:

  • $66.3 million for maintenance and infrastructure projects, including Courthouse windows and doors replacement, Woodstock watermain extension on County Road 4, Tillsonburg Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade, Drumbo Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion, and social housing building improvements.
  • Special levies of $4 million for Library and $95,088 for court security for all municipalities except Woodstock.
  • $422,000 in community grants, a 28.4% increase over 2020. Next year’s grants will support social planning, arts, immigration, physician recruitment, economic development, small businesses, youth initiatives, the Agricultural Award of Excellence and Tillsonburg Airport.
  • A proposed notice of motion to create two area-rated tax levies for recycling collection costs– one for South-West Oxford and one for the rest of the County’s municipalities.

For more information or to read the Draft 2021 Business Plan and Budget Highlights visit

Read CS 2020-60 - 2021 Business Plans and Budget


Provincial changes to Blue Box programs

Council receives an update next meeting on the Province’s plans to shift the blue box program from municipalities to those who produce waste through their products and packaging. The new program will introduce an expanded list of recyclable materials for County residents and a consistent set of materials that can be universally collected in blue boxes across the province. It will also require producers to meet set diversion targets for recycling products and packaging. The County’s comments on the blue box transition include encouraging the Province to develop a strategy for compostable packaging materials and providing detail on how collection customer service standards will be maintained after the transition.

Read PW 2020-58 – Improving Ontario’s Blue Box – Proposed Producer Responsibility Regulation, Environmental Registry of Ontario Posting No. 019-2579


Comments on regulatory changes to net metering

A Council report on December 9 will share the staff submission on proposed changes to net metering in Ontario, a continuation of the County’s advocacy for virtual net metering in support of the 100% renewable energy goal. Community, or virtual, net metering would allow a renewable energy producer to import and export electricity to or from the grid across multiple systems instead of confining its “credits”-- which are matched to energy consumption and expire-- to just one site. This would give the County flexibility to expand its renewable energy system capacity at the Waste Management and Education Centre to offset energy use at other County facilities.

Read PW 2020-59 – Proposed Regulatory Amendments with Respect to Net Metering


Election of the Deputy Warden

Council will elect a Deputy Warden on December 9 for a one-year term. The term of office of the Deputy Warden, who assumes the responsibilities of the Warden in his/her absence, is decided prior to the start of each new year during the Council term. The current Deputy Warden is Stephen Molnar, Mayor/Councillor for the Town of Tillsonburg.


Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting and Council report CP 2020-317 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 20-11-1 – Township of Blandford-Blenheim (DKP Realty Holdings Ltd.)
  • Public meeting and Council report CP 2020-319 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 20-15-7 – Town of Tillsonburg
  • HS 2020-11 – Early On Program - Location of Main Centre
  • CAO 2020-06 – Streamlining Staff Reports
  • PW 2020-60 – Tavistock Library Lease Agreement Renewal
  • CS 2020-57 – 2021 Insurance Program
  • CS 2020-58 – Borrowing By-law - 2021


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