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September 23, 2020
Council this Week - Highlights from the Sept 23 County Council agenda

Joint service delivery review, credit rating and more

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Service delivery review update 

A report before County Council on September 23 sets out next steps for Oxford’s joint municipal service delivery review, which will involve engaging a professional facilitator to gather input from area municipal partners. The review, announced by Oxford’s municipalities in March 2020 during the time of the Province’s Regional Government Review, explored what is important to protect about Oxford’s municipalities; how the County’s two tiers work together to deliver services; and success factors, outcomes and recommendations that support our municipal partnerships. The review was allocated from special funding from the Province intended to help municipalities modernize service delivery and reduce future costs.

Read: WDN 2020-07 - Service Delivery Review – Area Municipal Council Consultation Process

Credit rating review

A County report on September 23 shares Oxford’s AA+/Stable rating with County Council. The Standard & Poor’s rating is based on the County’s sound financial results and prudent financial management practices. With this rating, the County is able to secure financing at a lower rate due to its strong capacity to meet financial commitments and to pursue higher yield investment opportunities that are not permitted to municipalities with ratings less than AA-.

Read: CS 2020-39 – Credit Rating Review - 2020

Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting and Council report CP 2020-334: Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision 32T-07007 – Town of Ingersoll
  • CP 2020-248 – Proposed Boundary Adjustment Township of South-West Oxford and Town of Ingersoll
  • PW 2020-40 – Waste Management Agreements, Township of South-West Oxford and Town of Tillsonburg
  • PW 2020-41– 2020 Drinking Water Operational Plans
  • PW 2020-42 – Contract Award – Graydon Well Water Treatment Plant, Mount Elgin, Township of South-West Oxford
  • CS 2020-37 – COVID-19 Financial Update and Business Plan Review - August
  • CS 2020-38 – Internal Long-term Debt Issue – Renewable Energy Projects

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