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February 12, 2020
Council this Week: Highlights from the Feb 12 County Council agenda

100% Housed Plan, affordable rental units for seniors, single-use wipes and more

Download the full agenda for February 12, 2020

100% Housed Plan

County Council will receive on February 12 Oxford’s first 100% Housed Plan, a strategy to improve options across the housing continuum, encompassing homelessness to affordable andmarket rents to median income home ownership and “everything in between.”

While Oxford’s housing supply industry is strong, there are seriousgaps inaffordablehousing options for household incomes at or below median income levels. Employers report that this affordable housing shortfall is a significant obstacle torecruiting people for thousands of unfilled jobs in Oxford. The 100% Housed Plan contains a series of tools designed to stimulate the development of a broad range of affordable housing options.

The report asks Council to adopt a resolution formally committing to a “100% Housed” goal as outlined in the 100% Housed Plan. As part of its commitment to the Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan, County Council has previously committed to goals to achieve 100% Renewable Energy, Zero Waste, and Zero Poverty.

Read: CAO 2020-01 - Leading Oxford County to “100% Housed” Future

Affordable rental units for seniors in Woodstock

A proposal to develop 36 affordable rental housing units as part of a 72-unit complex for seniors on Nellis Street in Woodstock comes forward to Council on February 12. The project, undertaken by Woodstock Non-Profit Housing, would be funded through a mix of provincial funds and $754,800 from the County’s Housing Reserve. The new units have an expected completion date of March 2022 and will help address the growing need for affordable rental accommodations in the community.

Read: HS 2020-01 - Municipal Housing Facilities Agreement

Flushable wipes in the wastewaster system

Council’s support is being sought to back a City of Kitchener resolution to change federal regulations for labelling single-use disposable wipes. Often labelled as “flushable,” the Council report points to testing by Ryerson University showing all 23 tested brands of “flushable” wipes failed to fall apart or disperse through the sewer system. A co-author of the Ryerson study estimates that the costs of removing blockages within municipal and private wastewater systems caused by wipes is in the range of $250 million a year across Canada.

Read: PW 2020-03 - Single-Use Disposable Wipes

Other reports and presentations

  • Delegation – Princeton Wastewater Servicing – J.B. Beaton
  • Delegation – Princeton Wastewater Servicing – Craig Van Wees
  • Delegation – Princeton Wastewater Servicing – Scott MacAlpine
  • CS 2020-04 – Water and Wastewater Billing and Collections Review – Update #2
  • CS 2020-05 – Investment Activity Report and Policy Review – 2019
  • CS 2020-06 – Council Remuneration and Expenses – 2019
  • CS 2020-07 – Court Security and Prisoner Transportation (CSPT) Program Agreement


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