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December 13, 2018
Special 2019 Business Plan & Budget meeting

The first of two Oxford County Council special budget meetings to prepare for the 2019 fiscal year.

December 13, 2018

Special 2019 Business Plan & Budget meeting

The first of two Oxford County Council special budget meetings begins Thursday, December 13 in the Oxford County Administration Building at 9:00 a.m.

The 2019 Draft Business Plan & Budget puts forward a total budget of $214.5 million for 2018, a decrease of $16.2 million over 2018. The decrease is due to reductions in capital spending and department budgets.

The levy, or amount raised through taxation, is proposed at $59.4 million for general purposes, an increase of $3.3 million (5.9%) over 2018. Proposed levies for Oxford County Library and the Court Security Grant are $3.9 million (8.4% increase) and $93,893 (19.9% decrease) respectively.

The proposed 2019 budget includes $52.4 million in capital spending, including renewable energy projects, emergency standby power infrastructure, and various upgrades to County water, wastewater, roads, bridges/culverts, facility and fleet infrastructure. The 2019 Budget also includes eight new initiatives encompassing asset management support systems, enhanced Paramedic Services (ambulance), leaf and yard waste transportation optimization and more.

To review budget documents, presentations to Council, and department business plans and budgets, visit

A second budget meeting takes place on Monday, December 17 at 9:00 a.m. The final 2019 budget is expected to be presented to Council for approval at the regular January 9 County Council meeting. All budget meetings are open to the public.

Read Council report CS 2018-36 – 2019 Business Plan and Budget 


Budget information package

The 2019 Draft Business Plan & Budget package contains each department’s business plans and budget in addition to:

  • Summary of feedback from this year’s budget survey to the community
  • Budget overview
  • Operating and capital budget summaries
  • A summary of new initiatives
  • Reserve funds report
  • Asset Management Plan report
  • Five-year operating forecasts
  • Summary of grant requests
  • Long-term capital plan

The budget package is available online at

December 12, 2018

County Council meeting agenda 

Striking committee appointments

At the first regular meeting of the 2018-2022 County Council term, Council will be asked to appoint members to the Striking Committee and amend the Striking Committee mandate to include recommendations for councillor appointments to various boards and committees. This is in addition to the Committee’s previously established role of reviewing applications and presenting recommendations to Council for lay member appointments.

Read Council report CAO 2018-22 – Striking Committee 

Court security grant

County Council will receive a recommendation from the Local Court Security Advisory Committee for a 2019 tax levy for court security costs for Woodstock Police Services based on the same special grant levy formula approved in 2018. The Local Court Security Advisory Committee is also recommending that County Council continue lobbying the provincial government for 100 per cent funding for court security and prisoner transportation services in Oxford County.

Read Council report CS 2018-39 – 2019 Court Security Grant Levy 

Other reports and presentations

2019 Budget reports

2019 Business Plans & Budget

Council will formally receive the 2019 preliminary budget information package on December 12, with the first special budget meeting of Council starting on December 13. The report to Council proposes a general levy (County share of municipal taxes) of $59.4 million, an increase of 5.9% over 2018. Additional levies for all municipalities excluding Woodstock are $3.9 million for Oxford County Library (8.4% increase) and $93,893 for court security (19.9% decrease).

The December 12 Council meeting includes delegations from a number of organizations seeking community grants, which are outlined in the 2019 Business Plans & Budget report:

  • Creative Connections: $50,000
  • Immigration Oxford Sustainability Plan: $24,500
  • Oxford County Youth Initiatives: $25,000
  • Social Planning Council Oxford: $55,000
  • South Central Ontario Region Economic Development: $25,000
  • Agricultural Award of Excellence: $2,000
  • Economic Development: $35,000
  • Physician Recruitment: $30,000
  • Woodstock & Area Small Business Enterprise: $40,000
  • Tillsonburg Airport: $5,000
  • Future Oxford - Legacy Fund: $100,000
  • Future Oxford - Legacy Fund – Administration: $41,000

Read Council report CS 2018-36 – 2019 Business Plans and Budget 

2019 Preliminary tax assessment

The 2019 taxation year will mark the third year of the four-year assessment cycle. Based on the proposed 2019 budget and the County’s estimated net assessment growth of $308.8 million ($30 million over 2018), it is expected that an average single family detached residential property valued at $263,813 will see municipal taxes increase by $20 for the year.

Read CS 2018-40 – 2019 Preliminary Assessment and Tax Analysis  

2019 Library Business Plan & Budget

The Oxford County Library business plan and budget for 2019 puts forward a proposed levy of $3.9 million, an 8.4% increase over 2018. The Library plan includes a request to fund a mobile outreach pilot program to deliver library services in more areas; investment in information technology; and investment in facilities upkeep.

CS 2018-37 – 2019 Library Business Plan & Budget

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