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April 10, 2019
Council this Week: Highlights from the April 10 County Council agenda

Growth forecasts, improving road safety, and more

Oxford County growth forecasts

Oxford’s municipalities will see continued growth in population, households and employment over the next 30 years according to the Draft Phase 1 Comprehensive Review Study. The report, which helps inform the County’s Official Plan and other local initiatives, notes other continuing trends including an aging population, an increase in people moving from the Greater Golden Horseshoe area, and employment growth in the industrial and commercial sectors. The report forecasts the County’s population to grow from its current figure of 113,940 to about 161,060 by the year 2046, with most of that growth occurring in Woodstock, Tillsonburg, Ingersoll and the larger rural villages.

Read Council report CP 2019-104 – Phase 1 Comprehensive Review Study – Updated County and Area Municipal Growth Forecasts and Land Need Analysis

Improving road safety

County Council receives a report this week on measures taken over the past year to manage speed, calm traffic and improve road safety in Drumbo, Innerkip, Bright and Huntingford. The improvements considered input from local residents, Blandford-Blenheim and East Zorra-Tavistock municipal staff, and local police, and are part of evidence-based practices that will be adopted County wide to improve road safety.

Read Council report PW 2019-14 – Speed Management, Traffic Calming and Road Safety Reviews – Drumbo, Innerkip, Bright, Huntingford

Development charges annual report

The County’s annual report on development charges is before Council this week, showing that $7.7 million in charges were collected in 2018. Municipal development charges are collected and used to fund public infrastructure and services needed to support new housing and non-residential development. In response to significant growth in 2018, $8.4 million of development charge funds were invested in new infrastructure and services.

Read Council report CS 2019-14 – Development Charges Annual Report – 2018

Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 18-13-8 – Caressant Care Nursing & Retirement Homes Ltd. and James Lavelle
  • Delegation – Gavin Houston, Southern Ontario Fisheries Enhancement
  • CS 2019-15 – 2019 Tax Policy By-laws
  • CP 2019-91 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 18-13-8 – Caressant Care Nursing & Retirement Homes Ltd. and James Lavelle
  • PW 2019-15 – Contract Award – Oxford Road No. 36 Improvements and Structural Culvert Extension


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Download the full agenda for April 10, 2019

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