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January 09, 2019
Council this Week | Highlights from the January 9 County Council agenda

2019 business plans and budget, designated school zones and interim tax levy bylaw

Oxford County 2019 business plans and budget

The 2019 Business Plans and Budget that will be presented to County Council for adoption and approval includes eight new initiatives encompassing asset management support systems, enhanced Paramedic Services (ambulance), leaf and yard waste transportation optimization and more. The report to Council proposes a general levy (County share of municipal taxes) of $60.7 million, an increase of 8.3% over 2018. Additional levies for all municipalities excluding Woodstock are $3.9 million for Oxford County Library (8.4% increase) and $93,893 for court security (19.9% decrease). If approved, the budget estimates that an average single family detached residential property valued at $263,813 wouldsee municipal taxes increase by $42 for the year.

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Read Council report CS 2019-02: 2019 Business Plans and Budget


New designated schools zones in Norwich and Zorra

County Council will be asked to amend Bylaw No. 6019-2018 to support the implementation of two designated school zones with reduced rates of speed on Main St. (Oxford Road 18) in Norwich near Rehoboth Christian School, and on Oxford Road 6 in Zorra near Zorra Highland Park Public School. The school zones would feature newly installed signage, including solar-powered flashing amber lights programmed to activate Monday to Friday during specific times while the schools are in session.

Read Council report PW 2019-01: Designated School Zones – Oxford Road 18 and Oxford Road 6


Interim tax levy bylaw

County Council will be asked to approve the 2019 tax levy installment due dates and amounts next Council meeting, which will allow area municipalities to issue 2019 interim tax bills to property owners. Each year, the County collects 25 per cent of the previous year’s levy raised by the last business day in March, with a second interim tax instalment due on the last business day in June. The interim collection allows the County to meet its current financial obligations until the final tax bills are calculated by the area municipalities in July once the necessary tax policy bylaws are in place.

Read Council report CS 2019-01: 2019 Interim Tax Levy By-law


Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting – Woodingford Lodge Official Plan Amendment (OP18-09-8)
  • CP 2019-02 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP18-09-8 – County of Oxford
  • CP 2019-01 – Application for Draft Plan of Condominium and Exemption from Draft Plan Approval CD18-01-8 – 1841950 Ontario Inc.
  • CP 2019-05 – Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision SB18-05-5 – John and Susanne Langlois

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