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October 04, 2018
Hodges Pond restoration project update

Ongoing re-naturalization of Hodges Pond sees improved water quality and new vegetation and habitat along Cedar Creek in Norwich Township

Representatives from Oxford County, Stewardship Oxford, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Upper Thames River Conservation and the Cowan Foundation gathered at Hodges Pond on Thursday, October 4 to share progress on the restoration of 400 acres of land in Norwich Township.

Originally constructed as a mill pond but not used in decades, Hodges Pond became a sediment-filled shallow lake with extremely low oxygen levels and high bacteria counts as a result of declining use. To address poor quality water moving into the Thames River watershed through Cedar Creek, which flows through the area, the Hodges Pond re-naturalization project opened the dam and reconnected Cedar Creek, restoring its original flow. Environmental benefits of the project include improved flood reduction and water quality for the Thames River watershed and the introduction of new diverse vegetation and wildlife habitat.

The Hodges Pond restoration is a partnership between Oxford County, Stewardship Oxford, Ducks Unlimited Canada, the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA) and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). The restoration project is possible thanks to $50,000 in funding from The Cowan Foundation for wetland creation.

The Hodges Pond restoration project ties into the environmental goal of the Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan, “to protect and restore the ecosystem.”