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May 23, 2018
Council This Week: Highlights from the May 23 County Council agenda

Highlights include the Woodlands Conservation Bylaw, a refreshed human resources strategy and a delegation from the Future Oxford Partnership.

Woodlands Conservation By-law update

The Woodlands Conservation By-law is before Council again on May 23 with an update on public consultation to date and the resulting draft by-law, for which Council’s final approval is being sought for June 13. Main issues addressed in the by-law include allowing more tree harvesting or removal activities without permits or permissions; greater flexibility on fence rows and minor issues; and improved administration and customer service related to by-law enforcement. The report to Council also outlines other activities the County is undertaking to enhance natural heritage, including administering the Clean Water Program, its work with Reforest Oxford, and promoting natural heritage tourism.

Read Council report CP 2018-125 – Woodlands Conservation By-law Update

Our People, Our Strength

Council will receive on May 23 the County’s refreshed human resources strategy, Our People, Our Strength 2018-2020. The plan follows the results of the 2017 employee engagement survey and the recent learning and development assessment. As Oxford’s second “people plan,” the document outlines the County’s strategy to attract, retain, and develop the highest quality staff through initiatives such as learning and development programs, a psychological health and safety in the workplace framework, and more.

Read Council report HR 2018-01 Our People, Our Strength 2018-2020

Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 18-01-4 – Donald & Ruth Bucknell
  • Public meeting – Woodlands Conservation By-law
  • Delegation – Future Oxford Partnership update
  • CS 2018-136 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 18-01-4 – Donald & Ruth Bucknell
  • CAO 2018-09 – County of Oxford Procedure By-law Amendments 2018 Updates – Part 2
  • PW 2018-21 – Saint-Gobain Canada Inc. Wastewater Over-Strength/Abatement Agreement
  • PW 2018-22 – Pitcher Street Water Operations Facility Replacement Project
  • PW 2018-23 – Revised County of Norfolk Water and Wastewater Services Agreement

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