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April 11, 2018
Council this Week: Highlights from the April 11 County Council agenda

Farm tax ratio reduction scenarios, Board of Health appointments representing Oxford, Elgin and St. Thomas, Paramedic Services Ten-Year Comprehensive Master Plan and proposed amendments to Blue Box Program

Farm tax ratio reduction scenarios

Oxford County Council will receive supplementary information regarding farm tax ratio reduction scenarios that follows County Council receiving Report No. CS 2018-06 on March 14, 2018 and Report No. CS 2018-08 on March 28, 2018. The supplementary information maps out tax impact scenarios on average residential property as well as typical farm and business properties.

Read briefing note CS 2018-03–2018 Tax Policy – Supplementary Information – Farm Tax Ratio Reduction Scenarios

Appointments to the new Board of Health representing Oxford, Elgin and St. Thomas

County Council will receive a report asking Council to appoint the Warden and three other Council members to represent Oxford County on a new eight member Board of Health that will govern the new health unit for Oxford Elgin St. Thomas as of the May 1, 2018 commencement date.

Read Council report PHES 2018-08–Appointments to Board of Health of the Oxford Elgin St. Thomas Health Unit

Oxford County Paramedic Services Ten-Year Comprehensive Master Plan

Oxford County Council will receive and is being asked to authorize the adoption and implementation of the recommendations in the Paramedic Services Ten-Year Comprehensive Master Plan to support the effective, efficient and accountable delivery of paramedic services in Oxford County for the next ten years, 2018 to 2028. Council will be asked to approve Q4-2018 implementation costs of $241,500 for service enhancements in Tillsonburg to be funded by the General Reserve.

Read Council report PS 2018-01–Oxford County Paramedic Services Ten-Year Comprehensive Master Plan

Amended Blue Box Program Plan draft to be received

Oxford County Council is being asked to receive as information and to circulate to area municipalities the proposed amendments to the Blue Box Program Plan as developed by the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority and Stewardship Ontario. The proposed amendments sets out how the Blue Box Program may be transitioned from being funded 50/50 between municipal governments and producers to being full producer responsibility under the Waste Diversion Transition Act. Should the draft be approved by the Ministry, Oxford County staff will give detailed consideration to the plan and report back to County Council with a recommendation as to whether it would be beneficial for the County to transition to full producer responsibility, defer the transition timing, or continue its current Blue Box Program under the existing 50/50 funding model.

Read Council report PW 2018-06–Amended Blue Box Program Plan

Other reports and presentations

  • Delegation – Oxford County Federation of Agriculture: Agricultural tax ratio
  • CS 2018-09 – Development Charges Annual Report - 2017
  • PW 2018-12 – #CycleON: Action Plan 2.0, EBR Posting No. 013-1837
  • PW 2018-15 – Northeast Woodstock Trunk Sewer Downstream Upgrades, 2018 Construction Contract
  • PW 2018-14 – Oxford Road 3 Emergency Repairs

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