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February 28, 2018
Council this Week: Highlights from the February 28 County Council agenda

Update on public health merger, annual water system performance summary reports, and progress on the 10-Year Shelter Plan

Transition Governance Committee to support health unit merger

County Council will be asked on February 28 to approve the draft Terms of Reference for, and the appointment of Warden David Mayberry and Councillor Sandra Talbot to, the Transition Governance Committee for the new health unit merging Oxford County Public Health and Elgin St. Thomas Public Health. With additional appointments from each of Elgin County and the City of St. Thomas, and one additional Order in Council appointment representing the Province, the Committee will provide oversight on tasks directly related to the merger, such as developing new board policies. The Committee will remain in place until the effective date of the merger unless extended by the new Board of Health.

Read Council report PHES 2018-04 - Public Health Merger: Transition Governance Committee Appointments

Progress on 10-Year Shelter Plan

County Council is receiving an update on progress made towards the objectives and targets of the County’s 10-Year Shelter Plan. Last year, 45 new units were created in Oxford County and three new housing projects were approved, including 34 units at each of the Blossom Park and Delatre Street facilities in Woodstock and 16 units at Sanders Street in Tillsonburg. As a fundamental step towards its vision of building transformation under the Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan, the County is requiring energy modelling as a condition of receiving County or provincial funding for housing projects. The new units at Blossom Park, Delatre Street and Sanders Street are all designed to achieve Passive House standard and/or operate as a Net Zero building.

Read Council report HS 2018-01 - 2017 Annual Progress Report - 10 Year Shelter Plan

2017 Drinking water system reports

Council will receive the County’s yearly update on its 17 municipal drinking water systems on February 28 with the submission of the 2017 Annual Water System Performance Summary reports.

Public Works treated and supplied 11.6 million cubic metres of drinking water in 2017. Results received from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change rated compliance for 11 of Oxford’s drinking water systems at 100% (Beachville, Bright, Brownsville, Drumbo-Princeton, Embro, Ingersoll, Innerkip, Lakeside, Mount Elgin, Oxford South and Woodstock) and two others at 99% (Hickson) and 97% (Thamesford). Ministry inspection reports for the remaining four systems are still pending.

The Council report also gives an update on the County’s Source Protection Plans. Key activities in 2017 included verifying known threats to municipal drinking water and screening incoming development applications to assess new threats.

Annual water system summary reports are a requirement of Ontario’s Safe Drinking Water Act for each of Ontario’s municipal water systems. The 2017 reports will be posted to the County website by February 28 at

Read Council report PW 2018-04 - 2017 Drinking Water System Performance

Other reports and presentations

  • Public meeting – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 17-09-1 – Kurt Fried & Buehlow Farms
  • Presentation – Oxford County Federation of Agriculture Hall of Fame Award Presentation
  • CP 2018-41 – Application for Official Plan Amendment OP 17-09-1 – Kurt Fried & Buehlow Farms
  • CP 2018-40 – Settlement Area Expansion Process
  • PW 2018-03 - Oxford Road 12 (Mill Street) Reconstruction and Watermain Replacement, Woodstock, 2018 Construction Contracts

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