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February 14, 2018
Council this Week: Highlights from the February 14 County Council agenda

Regulatory changes for renewable generation facilities, delegations from UTRCA and Elgin St. Thomas Public Health, and more

Proposed regulatory changes for renewable generation facilities

County Council is being asked to endorse a staff submission on proposed regulatory changes governing certain types of renewable energy generation facilities. The comments, to be submitted as part of the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry process, consider the effects of the Province’s proposed changes on the County’s planned pilot projects for virtual net metering. While the staff report is generally supportive of the Province’s direction in removing physical and financial barriers to renewable energy delivery, some minor concerns were noted relating to siting criteria for types of renewable facilities in prime agricultural areas.

Read Council report CP 2018-22 - Proposed Regulatory Amendments with Respect to Renewable Generation Facilities

Other reports and presentations

  • Delegation – Ian Wilcox, Cathy Quinlan and Terry Chapman, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority: Forest Loss in the Upper Thames Watershed—2000-2010
  • Delegation – Cynthia St. John and Dr. Joyce Lock, Elgin St. Thomas Public Health: Setting a New Path for Public Health in Our Communities
  • CP 2018-27 – Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision SB 17-03-8 – Thames Developments Incorporated
  • CS 2018-05 – Council Remuneration and Expenses – 2017
  • CS 2018-04 – Investment Activity Report and Policy Review - 2017

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