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The Healthy Communities Fund (HCF) provides funding to community partnerships for programs that improve the health of Ontarians. 

Food security

Oxford County is one of the richest areas in Ontario for prime agricultural land. Yet, more than half of us don't eat the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables, and 1 in 10 of us felt food insecure last year. Ensuring everyone has access to good food is part of living in a healthy community.

What is food security? 
Cost of eating healthy in Oxford County 2015
Oxford County Food Security Policy Development (2013)



Healthy Communities Oxford, a group made up of community members and leaders and coordinated by Oxford County Public Health, recently completed two major projects with Healthy Communities funding that promote active living and healthy eating in Oxford County. The committee is focused on promoting physical literacy in young children and ensuring access to safe and healthy food for residents. 

Physical activity during the early years helps children to grow into healthy adults. Research shows that physical activity, through play, can improve children’s physical and mental health, and help them socialize, have fun, and learn new skills. More about physical literacy.

Food is a main part of all of our lives. We are working on ensuring that all Oxford County residents will have access to, and can afford to buy safe, nutritious food that has been produced in an environmentally responsible way that sustains our rural communities. Download the Food Secure Oxford brochure or visit the Food Secure Oxford website for more information.

The 2011 Healthy Communities Report for Oxford County. This report offers a snapshot of Oxford County and the health and well-being of our residents and community.