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Looking to learn more about food safety and safe food handling at home or in the workplace?

Oxford County Public Health offers food safety training courses along with a wealth of information and resources in the food safety section of our website.

Public health inspections

Like all public health units in Ontario, Oxford County Public Health is required under the Ontario Public Health Standards to make inspection reports available to the public.

Here are the types of facilities that are subject to regular inspections and reporting:

Food premises

Anywhere food is prepared, served or sold to the public is subject to routine health inspections. This includes restaurants, food trucks, grocery stores, convenience stores, banquet halls and institutional food premises.

Public health units are required to inspect facilities according to the following minimum schedule:

  1. Not less than once every four months for high risk food premises;
  2. Not less than once every six months for medium risk food premises; and
  3. Not less than once every 12 months for low risk food premises.

Inspections are not scheduled in advance, and are done without prior warning.

Personal service settings

Public health inspectors also conduct routine inspections of personal service settings such as spas, salons, tattoo parlours, body piercing studios, and other aesthetic services. These inspections are focused on infection prevention and control, based on recommendations found in Infection Prevention and Control Best Practices for Personal Service Settings, published by the Government of Ontario.

Personal service settings are inspected once per year with any follow-up inspections if infractions are found. Inspections are also conducted on a complaint basis.

Recreational water facilities

Public swimming pools, spas, and water parks are routinely inspected to ensure proper health protection and promotion regulations are being followed to prevent recreational water illness like E. coli, or injuries like cuts, sprains or even drowning.


IPAC lapse

Public health inspectors and nurses conduct non-routine infection prevention and control (IPAC) investigations. If an IPAC lapse is discovered as the result of an investigation, it will be disclosed on the IPAC lapse page.

About Health Inspect Oxford

The Health Inspect Oxford website offers a searchable database designed to inform consumers about health inspection reports conducted in Oxford County.

Oxford County public health inspectors conduct routine inspections of public food premises, personal service settings and public swimming/whirlpools to enforce proper safety and infection control standards.


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