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Testing for radon

Testing your home for radon is easy. Health Canada suggests that you use a long term radon detector for a minimum of three months, ideally between September and April when windows and doors are typically kept closed.

Testing options

There are two options if you want to test your home for radon:

1. Buy a do-it-yourself radon test kit (see below for different types of testing devices)

You can purchase a radon test kit in some retail stores that sell building, hardware or health care products. Test kits are also available online or by mail through companies that specialize in home improvements and radiation safety.

Closely follow the instructions on how to set up the test in your home. Radon test kits include instructions on how to set up the radon test and how to send it to a lab for analysis when the testing period is over.

Test in the lowest lived-in level of your home where you spend more than four hours per day.

The cost of testing ranges from $25 - $170.

2. Hire a radon testing company

If you hire a testing company, you should make sure it is certified and will conduct a long-term test.

For a list of certified radon testing companies visit: National Radon Proficiency Program