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Winter safety

With the onset of winter, comes the risk of winter-related injuries from things like slips and falls, shovelling and exposure to the elements. Stay safe this winter by being prepared. Whether participating in outdoor winter activities or travelling, knowing how to be prepared before heading outside and what to do should something go wrong, can make the difference between a safe, enjoyable experience or severe discomfort that may result in injury.

Winter car seat safety

Did you know it is not recommended to dress your child in a snow suit while travelling in their car seat? This video from Healthy Families Hamilton will teach you about why it is dangerous to do so.

Snow shovelling tips

Walkways and outside steps need to be kept clear of ice and snow to reduce the risk of falling and a resulting injury. It is equally important to reduce the risk of injury while the snow is being shovelled.

Warm up
Take time to warm-up your muscles before starting to shovel. Walk standing on the spot or go up and down stairs before going outside or walk around the block.

Shovel frequently
If is looks like there is going to be a lot of snow, it is better to go out and shovel small amounts frequently, rather than a huge amount all at once.

Push rather the lift
Avoid lifting as much as you can.

Bend at the knees and hips
The larger leg and arm muscles should do the work.

Take smaller amounts of snow, particularly when it is heavy.

Avoid twisting
Pivot your whole body to throw the snow.

Wear good footwear
Good winter footwear decreases the risk of slipping. Watch for ice.

Keep breathing
Don’t hold your breath when you lift.

Take frequent breaks
Stop at least every 10 minutes and take a break. You may need to go inside and give yourself a longer rest.

Stop immediately if experiencing chest pain or back pain.