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Publications for sale

Publication Name Price
District of Brock Assessment Rolls 
Oxford Petitions:  $5.00
District of Brock, 1842 - 1849  $5.00
County of Oxford, 1850 - 1950  $5.00
Oxford Gazetteer (ca. 1852, reprint ed.) $20.00
Len K. Coles Historical Notes $40.00
Oxford County Marriage Register, 1869-1873 $40.00
Oxford County Birth Register, 1869-1972 $40.00
Oxford County Poll Books (1851-1874) $15-$30
Oxford County Old Gaol $5.00
Oxford County Court House $5.00
Oxford County House of Refuge  $5.00
West Oxford: Early Residents and Landowners $15.00
The Early Days of Innerkip District $20.00

Beachville area history DVDs:

An Afternoon with Charlie Reeves $20.00
A Driving Tour of Beachville $20.00
Assorted archival storage/conservation materials Please contact archives staff 
Various local area history books Please contact archives staff