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Official Plan, By-Laws & Guidelines

Various County plans, by-laws and procedures/guidelines relevant to land use are listed here

Official Plan

The County of Oxford Official Plan

The contents of the Official Plan reflect the latest consolidation of Official Plan amendments, as of December 31, 2017. For up to date information on a specific property, please contact the Planner for the area municipality.

Application Fees

Note:  There has been an increase in the fees for 2019.  Please check the current fee schedule prior to submission of your application.

Application Forms

Forms are available for the various types of development regulated by the Planning Act

County of Oxford - Online Forms
(Use these forms when completing them electronically using Adobe Acrobat/Reader)

Oxford County Woodland Conservation By-Law Form

Approval Authorities

The Area Municipalities are the approval authority for zoning by-law amendments, site plan control and minor variances.  Please choose the appropriate link from the Municipal map found here.

County of Oxford Official Plan

County-Wide Application Notices and Reports

All active development applications are listed here, along with their associated notices and reports

OP 16-04-9 - County of Oxford
Official Plan Amendment
General text amendments relating to municipal services

OP 15-08-9 - County of Oxford
Official Plan Amendment
County Development Strategy and Waste Management Policies

Official Plan - 5 Year Review
The County of Oxford in 2008 initiated a mandatory 5 year review of the County Official Plan. The Planning Act, RSO 1990, requires that a municipality revises its Official Plan a minimum of once every 5 years, as required to ensure that it conforms to Provincial Plans, has regard for matters of Provincial interest and is consistent with Provincial Policy Statements and that policies relating to areas of employment are confirmed or amended. The Planning Act requires that a special public meeting of Council be held to provide information on the 5 year Official Plan Review process and to receive public input. This meeting also served to initiate the Official Plan review process, which is anticipated to take approximately three years to complete. The geographic scope of the review includes all lands within Oxford County.

Development charges

In addition to the County Development Charges, most area municipalities in Oxford County also have Development Charges by-laws which can be found on the individual Municipal pages or listed below.

Who Pays For Growth
Development Charges Fact Sheet
Development Charges Annual Report 2018

NEW: Development charges review 

The County and the area municipalities (with the exception of Woodstock) is concluding a development charge by-law consultation process. This included stakeholder meetings, a Development Charges Background Study process, methodology, draft findings, and proposed development charges by-law policy for new by-laws that will take effect in mid-2019 when the current policies and by-laws expire.

The comment period for the updated draft development charges study and by-law is now closed. Please check back for the final development charges background study and by-laws after the June 26, 2019, County Council meeting.



5578-2014 County Wide Development Charge Bylaw
5586-2014 Drumbo Area Specific Development Charge Bylaw
5585-2014 Plattsville Area Specific Development Charge Bylaw
5584-2014 Tavistock Area Specific Development Charge Bylaw
5583-2014 Norwich Area Specific Development Charge Bylaw
5582-2014 Thamesford Area Specific Development Charge Bylaw
5581-2014 Ingersoll Area Specific Development Charge Bylaw
5580-2014 Tillsonburg Area Specific Development Charge Bylaw
5579-2014 Woodstock Area Specific Development Charge Bylaw


Development Charges Background Study (2014)

The Development Charges Background Study provides the basis and background required to update the County's development charges to accurately reflect the future servicing needs of new development. The analysis assesses the development-related costs associated with the following County services:

  • General Government
  • Library Services
  • Land Ambulance
  • Administration Building
  • Roads and Related
  • Water
  • Wastewater

Speak Up, Oxford!

Oxford County’s review and comment period on development charge by-laws is taking place August 2018 through April 2019