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Land Use & Development

Development, and changes in use, of land within Oxford County may require submission of a Planning application to either your Area Municipality or the County. Planning staff are available to answer questions related to the use or development of your land. It is advised that you speak with your local Area Municipal Planner prior to submitting an application.

Use the map below to select the respective Municipality and choose the appropriate link for information.

New development may be subject to development charges, in accordance with the County Development Charges By-law and/or the Area Municipal Development Charges By-law.

County of Oxford Applications

Each type of application requires a formal submission to be made to the County of Oxford.  Click here to view County application forms.

Properties can be divided by a Plan of Subdivision, Consent or Severance (maximum 5 lots at one time) or by Part Lot Control.

This application is required when a change in land use designation or a change to the Official Plan

This application is required when developing a plan of condominium or conversion of rental housing to condominium ownership.

For more information on these application types please visit MMAH Land Use Planning.

Area Municipal Applications

For Area Municipality Application Forms, use the map below to select the respective Municipality

If you want to use or develop a property in a way that is not currently permitted by the Zoning By-Law, a zoning by-law amendment, also known as a zone change or rezoning, is required.

This application is required when applying for specific relief from one or more of the Zoning By-Law provisions e.g. yard setbacks, parking etc. on a property.

This application is required for permission to conduct site work or construct/expand buildings or structures on a property. (Some exceptions for residential and agricultural uses and minor expansions may apply.)

Oxford County Official Plan

The Official Plan document includes a vision, goals, and policy direction to guide and manage the use of land. For more information visit the Official Plan page.

Zoning By-laws

The zoning-bylaw is the primary document controlling the use of land in your community.

General Information

For information on land use planning in Ontario, including the development of Official Plans and Zoning By-laws, visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs Citizens’ Guide to Land-use Planning.

Available Resources by Municipality


Use the map or select from the list below to see the available resources per Municipality. The resources available for each municipality include their Zoning By-laws and associated Schedules, recent application notices and reports, the available application forms and development charges breakdown, the associated subdivision activity maps, and other relevant studies. The County page also contains the Official Plan, County by-laws and guidelines

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