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Contact a Planner

Gordon Hough
519-539-0015 x3207

Paul Michiels
Manager of Planning Policy
(Special Projects)
519-539-0015 x3209

Ron Versteegen
Senior Planner (Ingersoll)
519-539-0015 x3214

Eric Gilbert
Senior Planner (Tillsonburg)
519-539-0015 x3216

Andrea Zietsma-H├Ąchler
Senior Planner (Woodstock)
519-539-0015 x3217

Justin Miller
Development Planner
(South-West Oxford & Woodstock)
519-539-0015 x3210

Spencer McDonald
Development Planner
(Woodstock Site Plans & Zorra)
519-539-0015 x3205

Heather St. Clair
Development Planner (Norwich)
519-539-0015 x3206

General Planning Inquiries
519-539-0015 x3912

Dustin Robson
Development Planner
(Blandford-Blenheim & East Zorra-Tavistock)
519-539-0015 x3211

Meghan House
Development Planner (Policy Focus)
519-539-0015 x3219

April Nix
Development Planner (Policy Focus)
519-539-0015 x3208

Shelley Buchanan
Administrative Assistant
519-539-0015 x3201

Amy Hartley
Land Division Committee Secretary-Treasurer
519-539-0015 x3204

Angela Karn Sims
Planning Secretary
519-539-0015 x3202

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