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Community Planning

The Community Planning office provides direction on the use of land in the County, which focuses on the physical form and design of neighbourhoods, the social and economic well-being of people, and the protection and enhancement of the natural environment.

Land Use Planning Services

The Community Planning Office is responsible for providing a full range of land use planning services on behalf of the County and the eight area municipalities that comprise the County.

The services provided by this office include:

  • Developing and maintaining the Official Plan and Area Municipal Zoning By-laws;
  • Responding to development inquiries;
  • Providing pre-consultation and development review services for all Planning Act applications;
  • Undertaking growth forecasts and maintaining growth land inventories;
  • Acquiring and maintaining various planning related data sets and statistics;
  • Developing mapping and other planning related resource materials;

The office also assists the area municipalities in undertaking various planning related projects and programs, such as the development of Community Improvement Plans and Urban Design guidelines.

Contact Us for a list of planners responsible for policy development and development review.

News & Updates

2016 Oxford Stewardship Award

Oxford’s annual award recognizes landowners’ efforts to preserve and enhance the County’s natural features and areas. Congratulations to 2016 winner Mike Eckert of Zorra Township! More

Woodlands Conservation By-law

The County is currently reviewing the Woodlands Conservation By-law with the goal of improving the by-law and its overall administration. Initiated in 2016, the review will be informed by public input. An updated by-law is expected to move forward to County Council in 2017.More

What is Community Planning?

Community planning provides the framework for local politicians, citizens and other stakeholders to play a role in creating communities that contribute to residents’ overall quality of life.  Municipalities establish the vision, goals and direction for the future development of their communities through the policies of the Official Plan, consistent with Provincial land use policy direction contained in the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS). The PPS strives for development that sustains the financial well-being of the municipality over of the long term; accommodates an appropriate range and mix of residential, employment, institutional, recreational and other uses to meet the County’s long term needs; avoids development that may cause environmental or public safety concerns; and minimizes land consumption and servicing costs.

Most land use decisions also involve consultation with the public, agencies and other stakeholders to obtain their input before a final decision on a matter is made. Community planning also involves monitoring and analyzing patterns of development, relevant data and emerging trends to help make informed forecasts and recommendations for future policy direction.